What we do

We save you money by offering full service junk removal.

Simply call 1 877 JUNK FOX; right away you will be speaking to a junk removal professional who can assist you in hauling away your rubbish. Our trash hauling experts provide same day service and work 7 days a week. We also recycle: electronics, scrap metal, cardboard, used clothing and paper products. For the most affordable, fast and friendly junk removal, call toll free: 1 877 586 5369

At 1 877 JUNK FOX, we are firmly committed to serving our customers. We have fast response times, professional service providers and affordable pricing.

Our 1 877 JUNK FOX service providers remove and haul away:

Basement clutter, broken kitchen cabinets, microwaves, wood pieces, unwanted furniture, metal items, rusty swing sets, leaves, wooden branches, old clothing, electronics, old appliances, single, queen and king size mattresses and anything else that can be considered as; junk, garbage, waste & rubbish.